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30 May 2024


WasteWise Group and ABB has started cooperation to recycle plastic from production side streams.

The aim is to recycle those waste streams from ABB´s factory, which are not suitable for mechanical recycling. By adopting innovative processes for reusing waste products, ABB’s manufacturing site in Porvoo, Finland has reduced its mixed plastic waste by 50 percent and improved its recycling rate by almost 20 percent in 2023. This is an important step towards preserving the earth’s resources and supporting ABB´s customers in meeting their sustainability commitments.

ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings factory that manufactures electrical installation products and accessories has found a way of reusing waste plastic produced by injection molding processes. The plastic pyrolysis plant of WasteWise Group in Nokia has been able to manage it. WasteWise returns the oil product back to the industry for future use, via chemical recycling using the pyrolysis process. The waste management company Verdis Ab is transporting the side streams and reporting of them.

 The OECD's plastics report states that just six percent of global annual plastic production uses recycled materials. The main raw material for plastic production is still naphtha, a byproduct of fossil fuel processing. "As we transition away from fossil fuels, the plastics industry needs to make a significant green transition, which is only possible if the separate collection of plastic waste becomes more efficient and new technologies such as chemical recycling are added to the recycling of plastic waste alongside mechanical recycling," said Kaisa Suvilampi, CEO of WasteWise Group Oy.

"Our factory at Porvoo is investing in becoming a Net Zero factory, most notably with the use of geothermal and heat recovery solutions. We take a lifecycle approach to preserving resources, too - removing waste across our value chain. This includes design, sourcing, production, and use, culminating in responsible end-of-life services. We are aiming to cover at least 80 percent of ABB's products and systems with our Circularity Approach by 2030,” said Lucy Han, Executive Vice President, Building and Home Automation Solutions at ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings.  

The collaboration has started 2023.

Source: Plastic waste reduced by half at ABB factory in Porvoo, Finland

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered, and operated. Building on over 140 years of excellence, ABB’s more than 105,000 employees are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation. 

ABB Electrification is a global technology leader making efficient and reliable use of electricity from source to socket possible. With more than 50,000 employees across 100 countries, we collaborate with our customers and partners to solve the world’s greatest challenges in electrical distribution and energy management. We help businesses, industry, and consumers run their facilities and homes efficiently and reliably. As the energy transition accelerates, we are electrifying the world in a safe, smart, and sustainable way. 

Wastewise Group Oy is a private circular economy growth company that offers a new sustainable chemical recycling solution for plastic waste that cannot be mechanically recycled. With our novel pyrolysis technology, we help plastic industry in their transition from fossil economy to a circular economy. We replace plastic waste incineration and landfilling with our pyrolysis technology and return plastic molecules back to the value chain of plastic production and help our customers to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. Our production facilities are in Nokia, Finland.