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innovative solution for plastic waste problem

Our world is on its way from a fossil economy to a circular economy. We want to speed up this transition! Our passion is to work with challenging waste streams, to develop new technologies and solutions to be able to reuse wasted material so that exhaustible natural resources could be left for future generations.

Our innovative technology enables the recycling of mixed plastic waste back into raw materials for the plastic industry. In our pyrolysis plants we process pre-treated plastic waste into a high-quality oil product that continues its journey to the oil refinery to replace fossil feedstock. The refinery's final product is new raw materials for the plastics industry. 

Molecules are forever.

Muovien kemiallisen kierrätyksen arvoketju

chemical recycling completes the circular value chain

The rapid increase in plastic use has caused a serious global waste problem. Recycling solutions have not evolved at the same rate. Only one third of the plastic waste collected in the EU countries goes to recycling, while the rest still ends up to incineration and landfills. There is a huge global need for new recycling solutions. 

 In addition to mechanical recycling, advanced chemical recycling solutions are needed. The advantage of chemical recycling is the high quality of the final products, which does not differ from the original fossil ones. Together with our partners, we enable the chemical value chain of plastic molecules from plastic to plastic. 


ICSS - sertifikaatti

We are committed to promoting a sustainable circular economy and low-carbon production. As proof of this, we have received an international ISCC Plus certificate. Our operations are transparent, sustainable and traceable throughout the whole value chain. 

The carbon handprint of our production process is bigger than the footprint. This means that we can provide a recycling solution for plastic waste currently incinerated that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of plastic production.

Kaisa Suvilampi

Kaisa Suvilampi
Chief Executive Officer

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Ari Sillanpää
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Katja Vaulio
Project Manager

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Antti Åke
Head of Development 

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